Our Range

Mornington Peninsula Sheds are an official distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds. Available in almost any size, with many options available, Fair Dinkum Sheds provide customers with the assurance that the products have been tried and tested, and uphold the latest Australian standards. Click through these pages to get inspiration on styles and options.

Here at Mornington Peninsula Sheds, we will help you through the design process. Key elements of your shed design include cladding, slabbing and the roller doors. Below includes an outline of each element.

Types of Shed Cladding

After the shape of the building is finalised, we start to look at optioning it. Cladding type is important to the external look of your shed. Below includes the types of cladding provided by Mornington Peninsula Sheds:

  • K-Panel Cladding

K-Panel is the most common cladding we use as it is the cheapest per square metre and a low profile.

  • Vertical Cladding

Vertical corrugated cladding in the next option, which is marginally dearer and stronger than k-panel which is a good alternative for rural building or matching existing building cladding profiles on the site.

  • Mono Cladding

Mono clad is a similar cost and price to corrugated cladding but is more commonly used in commercial or industrial buildings or where extra-long sheeting is required like the end walls of a Quaker barn or industrial buildings.

  • Horizontal Cladding

The next option is horizontal corrugated cladding, this modern cladding style requires an extra external frame spaced at 450mm to 600mm centres around the outside of the building and works similar to a stud wall providing the frame for the cladding to fix to.

  • Stramit M-Panel Cladding

The premium cladding in the Fair Dinkum Shed range is Stramit m-panel and is a weatherboard type profile and is fixed to the shed frame similar to horizontal corrugated.

Shed Slabbing

For the owner builder the easiest way to install a shed is to have the slab poured first. This is safer for ladder placement, cleaner than an earth base to work, easier as the slab should be square and level to work on and bolt to but is also the best way to ensure the lifespan of the steel. Moisture or moisture retaining materials (like concrete) should not come into immediate contact with colorbond steel as it will lead to premature deterioration. Moisture holding material should not be allowed to build up on the outside of the shed either, a clean drip free edge is required at the base of the cladding. The cladding should be at least 70mm from the surrounding surface level to maximise the life of the product and ensure warranties are not voided.

Shed Doors

Fair dinkum sheds use Taurean branded roller doors, one of the market leaders. Generally roller doors 3.1m high and under are pushed up and down manually and anything over 3.1m high is chain operated but it is easy to add a motor to the roller door for absolute ease of operation. Taurean roller doors are made with BlueScope steel and are available in the full range of colorbond colours. Originally known as creeks roller doors which had been around for decades, they business was acquired by Stramit a few years ago and were rebranded as Taurean doors.

Taurean in 2018 moved into a brand new factory in Knoxfield and have the best systems in place to ensure quality product and timely delivery. Taurean doors are owned by the same company that owns Stramit building products which is Fletcher Building, one of New Zealand’s largest companies. Fletcher has a commitment to safety, sustainability, innovation and value to end users. Fletcher Building are industry leaders and don’t cut corners, they offer the best products to the market to enhance their already strong reputation.