Barn Sheds Melbourne

Mornington Peninsula Sheds is a trusted barn shed provider in Melbourne. Using quality products, including BlueScope steel, Mornington Peninsula Sheds provides warranties of up to 25 years depending on the use and location of the barn.

Types of Barn Sheds

Fair Dinkum sheds has two main types of barns, the American barn and the Quaker barn.

  • The American barn shed:

The American barn shed can be designed in many different ways, change the center roof section from gable to skillion for a modern look, remove the vertical wall between the main section and the wings to create a Victorian barn or Aussie barn.

  • The Quaker barn shed:

The quaker barn shed is a little less flexible but still can suit many needs. The main roof shape cannot be changed but can be anywhere between 4m and 10m wide. Add lean-to’s to one or both sides to increase the footprint further. The length of the building is almost limitless, just keep adding bays.

Things to consider when designing a barn shed

  • Think about the use of the building, if it’s for horses then a smooth finish to the concrete floor is probably not the best option. Although a smooth concrete surface is easy to sweep out and maintain it can be very slippery for livestock.
  • Sometimes internal wash bays are to be installed in the barn so falls to pits might be required. Talk to your concreter about the use of the building and what finished concrete surface is best for the final shed application.
  • Strength of the concrete base is also a consideration. The basic shed slab design is 100mm thick, SL72 mesh and 25mpa with localised pad footing under each column of the shed. The pad footing size is different depending on the size of the shed but needs to be extended into natural ground a minimum 200mm if the slab is being poured over compacted fill. Depending on use or size of vehicles entering the shed, you may want to increase the slab strength by increasing the concrete thickness, mesh thickness and concrete strength.
  • Car hoists is another reason to increase the thickness of a slab in whole or in part. Depending on the manufacturers specifications your concreter may do a 3m x 3m section 150mm thick for the hoist to bolt to.

Fair Dinkum Shed Distributor

Mornington Peninsula Sheds are authorised distributors of Fair Dinkum Sheds. Fair Dinkum Sheds have the most advanced engineering principles in the industry and smartest software package to quote you the best value shed, fast. Colorbond has 20 colours in the range giving you flexibility to match the current buildings onsite or start a new contemporary scheme on the property. Using BlueScope steel and colorbond gives Mornington Peninsula sheds the confidence your shed will outlast any of the cheaper imports with warranties of up to 20 years, while employing and supporting local people and industry. Much of the steel we use is made and coated at the BlueScope site in Hastings. Mornington Peninsula sheds as a distributor of Fair Dinkum Sheds are one of the few ShedSafe accredited suppliers in Victoria giving you peace of mind the engineering is current and checked by third party engineers.

Visit our showroom or give us a call during business hours or send us an email any time. We can work with you to design your shed to suit your budget without compromising on material quality. From Aussie barn sheds to champion stables, we only use BlueScope steel, designed locally for local conditions and warranted for up to 20 years depending on location and use.