Steel Weatherboard Sheds – the Perfect Alternative to Wood

When choosing the right material to build your new garage or garden shed, you want to create a solid balance between eye-catching and the practicality of the shed. The combination of form and function is important as you want the shed to look great whilst fulfilling necessary functions, having ample space, and to protect it from decay and infestation.

Therefore, choosing steel as the primary material for building your shed is always a great option. Building a garage or shed made from steel is the perfect alternative to one with wood with several benefits. Turn a steel shed into a man cave, studio, storage facility, whatever you want, and never have to worry about the stresses caused by its wooden alternative. Keep reading to find out why.

Steel Sheds: Great Look, Weatherboard Charm

Steel sheds are a great alternative to the classic wooden weatherboard shed as they can maintain the aesthetic appearance of a property, whilst retaining the look of a classic wooden weatherboard. This is a perfect solution for those wanting to retain the period features of a property without compromising with the look of a modern steel shed.
Having a steel weatherboard shed or garage in the garden is the perfect accompaniment to any garden. For those located near the beach – why not create your very own beach box to store the surfboards!

Forget the Troubles of the Wooden Weatherboard

Whilst the classic wooden weatherboard shed provides a rustic look to a property, there is a lot more work and labour that has to go into building one. The work involved in building a wooden shed and maintain the materials far surpasses that of a steel shed. Once you have built the wooden shed there is then the problem of having to paint it, this is never a problem with steel.
Through choosing steel for your shed from providers like Colorbond, you have access to all the colours that you would when painting a shed without the hassle of having to do it. It’s a win-win situation: you choose the colour steel you want based on the design of your garden, and once it’s built you don’t have to stress about adding a coat of paint to it.

Wooden Sheds – Loved by Termites

A wooden shed is susceptible to many problems: rot, the weather, flaking, but one of the most troublesome aspects caused by owning a wooden shed is the threat of termites. Not only can they deteriorate the shed itself but they also pose the risk of then spreading to the home, damaging the house itself. Avoid this ghastly situation by opting for steel over timber for your garden shed.

Don’t hesitate with your decision – a steel weatherboard shed is the way to go!