Skillion Roof Sheds

Skillion roof sheds are usually 5 degree but can be 5, 11, 15, 22 or 30 degree. Put a stepped down lean-to on the high side and clad it in horizontal corrugated for a modern beach house type of shed. A skillion roof building is usually a similar price to a standard gable garage so go with the design you like best and which suits your property best. With a skillion you can take advantage of a low side and a high side, potentially the high side could suit a caravan, hoist or boat and the low side a standard vehicle opening. For the owner builder a skillion shed is marginally easier to build as there are no trusses to make up and less flashings to put on.

Eaves are possible in a couple of ways with most Fair Dinkum sheds building designs. The premium option is to use a 50mm insulated roofing panel made by Bondor, similar to a cool room panel. The stiffness of the board allows it to overhang the shed frame of the shed 500mm. The advantage of using the insulated panel is the eaves are lined with the underside of the panel with a clean, finished look. The other advantage of using the insulated panel is the insulation properties it provides. The other cheaper option to create an eave is to extend the rafters through the side wall of the shed with an eave purlin connected to the tails of the rafters. This option works well and is cost effective. The disadvantage of the system is that the eaves are not lined and the underside of the roof cladding is visible. Eaves can be lined by the owner if they choose but a system needs to be designed and supplied by the owner.

We get asked a lot how big the concrete slab needs to be or do I make the slab bigger than the shed. The shed slab should be the size of the shed being supplied. The wall cladding overhangs the slab 25mm to waterproof the building and create a drip edge for the cladding. The shed slab should not have any fall and should be square. Some customers talk of putting fall on the shed slab so they can wash their car inside the shed and easily remove water from the building. The shed is supplied to be built on a level slab, pacing fall on a slab will require a lot of material cutting to suit the fall of the slab and is not recommended.

Fair Dinkum Sheds are the market leader in cold rolled steel buildings, established in 1990 as AGS building systems in Camden, NSW and acquired by Stramit building products in 2007. Nationally Fair Dinkum Sheds has over 180 distributor’s nationwide giving better buying power and utilize a large in house engineering and software team to keep bringing new designs to market and smarter engineering to give better value for money. Use our 3D app on the design your shed page to give you an idea of what you shed will look like and send the design to us to quote.