What We Do

Mornington Peninsula Sheds specialise in supplying premium Australian steel kit sheds at a price point comparable to imported steel shed prices. We are able to do this by keeping overheads low, minimise staff, no special offers, just the best shed at the best price first time. This means you get best available local materials and warranties of up to 25 years depending on the use and location. Did you know BlueScope steel produces the Colorbond cladding right here on the Mornington Peninsula in Hastings. BlueScope steel is still one of the largest employers on the Mornington Peninsula. Buy local, support local industry and support local workers and communities.

The usual process from design to supply is to work with the client to design the project to meet the client’s requirements. Once the design is agreed and a deposit is paid we get the engineering completed for the client to start the permit application. The engineering is usually ready within 24 hours and emailed to the client. Once the building permit is obtained, if one is being obtained we confirm the colours of the building and order the material. Delivery to site can be arranged on any weekday in the Melbourne metropolitan area for the main steel components but roller doors only have specific days in specific area. Generally from material order deposit being paid to material being onsite is 4 weeks but can be shortened to three weeks if required onsite sooner.   

From time to time suppliers increase costs and as soon as a price rise is implemented we will pass on the price rise in full if the kit order is not placed by the advertised date, that’s how tight our margins are! This means a kit needs to be ordered with a delivery date to site, not just an engineering deposit paid. Usually we get about 6 weeks’ notice of an upcoming price rise and we will advertise the order by date.

We have a comprehensive list of concreters, shed erectors, electricians and plumbers that can quote the work directly for you allowing you to negotiate the rate and scope of the work you need completed. In your initial quote from Mornington peninsula sheds you will receive a kit price and a concrete and shed erection expected price range. We do not give out the concreters list until an engineering design deposit is paid for the shed and installers details are given out at the time of order deposit being paid to protect our list from be exploited by the less experienced shed suppliers or the online suppliers and also not to waste the guys time quoting too much before job is a firm prospect. Feel free to shop amongst the supplied trades to find the person and price you are happy with. The guys completing the work for you will warrant their work so keep their number and name in case you have a leaking gutter or a roller door to be serviced as Mornington Peninsula Sheds will have no record of who completed the work for you.