Melbourne Garages & Sheds

Here at Mornington Peninsula Sheds, we’re dedicated to creating a shed or garage to suit your needs; that’s why we focus on custom built sheds, rather than supplying our customers with standard stock. By simplifying the process, Mornington Peninsula Sheds are able to produce both affordable  and durable sheds.

Top things to consider when designing your garage or shed

Garages or domestic sheds are generally the same as the larger building but are more tailored to suit a specific purpose in a tighter space. When designing your custom shed or garage, consider these few things:

  • Think about the use of the building whether is general storage, games room, home office or similar. Depending on the use, the items to consider in the building are roof and wall insulation, windows, roof vents, fly screens, vermin deterrent base flashings, roller doors, pa doors or glass sliding doors.
  • It is also relatively easy for an experienced tradesperson to supply and install plaster battens directly to our frame and plaster the walls and ceiling.
  • If you are going to line the internal walls of the garage or shed with plaster or something heavier then you need ensure you have the building designed to take the additional load of the product. This is relatively easy for the sale staff to do as long as they know the end purpose of the shed and the weight per square meter of the material.
  • Other reasons for applying additional roof loading to the shed might be for solar panels or even snow loading.
  • If the shed is to be to a home office or games room and the concrete slab is to have flooring such as carpet installed over it then a poly membrane is recommended to stop rising moisture.
  • Poly under a slab is also a good idea if boxes or paper products are to be stored directly on the floor.

Shed Materials

Colorbond and Zincalume cladding and flashings are a very similar price now and in some cases like roller doors Colorbond is the cheaper option. Gone are the days when you could save significant outlay by purchasing a Zincalume shed. A double garage in Zincalume might only save you a hundred dollars or so but a large building commercial shed might add up to a few thousand. Go with the best look for the property rather than cost in this situation is our advice. Mornington Peninsula sheds has a large display of the available colours for you to see and compare and small colour chips for you to take home.  Another good reason to work with a local supplier where you can meet the man, or woman you are making the shed purchase through.

Steel sliding door or roller door?

Clients come to us thinking sliding doors are cheaper but this is not often the case. Roller doors are cheaper until they are compared to large commercial sliding doors. Installers will charge more to put in a sliding door as they take a lot longer to install when mounting all the top brackets and flashings. They have a lot more air gaps around them and require an additional support strip of concrete for the door to be fixed to at the base to the outside of the shed footprint. Sliding doors do get around 100mm more clearance in a wall than a roller door and they are more versatile as they can be opened partially to provide pedestrian access. Roller doors on your shed can be motorised once there is power available.