Melbourne’s Specialists in American Barn House

Building a quality American Barn shed to store and protect your livestock is important and Mornington Peninsula Sheds will always be able to show you the best way to do this, by working through your design with you.

When choosing Mornington Peninsula Sheds, you’re assured to be getting a great product for a reasonable price. From initial design to the completed product, Emma’s key goal is to be the best value American Barn shed supplier in the area while using the best available materials on the market.

What are American Barn Sheds?

American Barns, you know what they are and you see them everywhere. They are the versatile shed with the high centre section to accommodate boats, trucks, caravans, hoist or whatever you need. American barns are even more flexible than they were a few years ago as you can have the centre section with a skillion roof shed for a more modern look and even horizontal cladding to match existing buildings on your property. The wings on a barn can be even widths or different, either side can have different outer wall heights, different door options, and a wider centre section. Get creative and design the shed you need. Add a mezzanine floor for additional storage space, windows, personnel access doors, insulation, roof vents, internal partition walls, skylights, glass sliding doors or stairs to make it the best American barn in the street. There is no such thing as standard sizes, you pay for the steel you use and the bigger the shed the more it costs, simple as that.

American Barn Maintenance Tips

Mornington Peninsula sheds recommend the following care and maintenance is adopted to prolong the life of your Colorbond steel. The Colorbond and Zincalume steel used in our sheds, carports and barns has outstanding durability but contact with certain materials can significantly reduce the life of the product and may void material warranties associated with the Colorbond and Zincalume steel. To ensure optimum material performance, Mornington peninsula sheds recommend the following.

  • Avoid attack from chemical agents, fumes, liquids or solids other than direct rain falling on the product.
  • Don’t build garden beds or heap other organic materials against wall cladding.
  • Avoid contact with wet concrete, mortar, bitumen, soils, ashes, fertilisers or other moisture-retaining substances.
  • Avoid immersion of product as a result of flood or sub-standard site drainage.
  • Provide a free drop edge to all sheeting.
  • Avoid contact with lead or copper or subjecting the product to run off from lead or copper flashing and pipes.
  • Provide free drainage of water including internal condensation from all surfaces of the product.
  • Avoid contact with green, wet or treated timber.
  • Colorbond and Zincalume in areas not washed down by natural rainfall should be cleaned at regular intervals with a detergent no stronger than car wash.
  • Avoid Swarf damage by removing all metal debris during construction. Swarf particles not removed during construction will result in rust staining and potentially premature rusting.

Not too hard is it? The main item concreters have trouble with is avoiding contact with wet concrete. For some reason, concreters not experienced in the shed industry like to build the shed and pour inside the building. Mornington Peninsula sheds cannot see the advantage of pouring into a pre-built shed over pouring a slab first and building on the slab when you will undoubtedly void your wall cladding warranty. Swarf damage is another item to be aware of, be sure to sweep down and blow off the roof and extra attention paid to cleaning out the gutters. Swarf staining is generally not detrimental to the performance of the Colorbond but aesthetic in nature. The product life will be severely impacted if the painted finish is penetrated such as angle grinder sparks or welding near the painted surface.