How To Attach A Verandah To A House

corrugated gable roof verandah attached to fascia

One of the main considerations when designing your verandah or patio is how to attach it to your house. Here at Melbourne Garages there are three main options we use with the SOL outdoor verandah and patios. Let’s look at the following options:

  • Wall connection
  • Roof Extenda brackets
  • Fascia connection

Let’s briefly look at the advantages of each one to help determine which is most suited for your project.

Wall Connection

Connecting the verandah or patio roof to an existing wall can be the best option when attaching to a tall existing structure. Suitable for when you have a two storey residence and the existing eave would be too high to use the fascia and Roof Extenda bracket methods. This method is suitable for most wall types ensuring you use the correct wall anchors or screws. It can be helpful when building close to the boundary, where heights need to be kept low to comply with local building regulations.

flat roof verandah on extenda brackets

Roof Extenda Brackets

Attaching to the fascia or wall maybe not the best option due to the height of your existing residence. The Roof Extenda brackets give you the ability to raise your verandah or patio roof above the existing eave height of the house. Fixing to the existing rafters of your home, they come in various heights giving you the flexibility to set the verandah or patio up above your existing roof line to the height required.

Find out more information about the Roof Extenda brackets:

sunset sheeting gable verandah fascia connection

Fascia Connection

The most popular method by far is the fascia connection method. This method ensures your verandah or patio complements your existing house. It provides a neat, watertight connection without requiring any modification to the existing house gutter. The SOL patio and verandahs use a structural gutter to connect to the fascia. They have galvanised steel brackets that provide a strong connection that is going to ensure your investment stands the test of time.


Hopefully, this has given a bit of insight into the different connection methods we use here at Mornington Peninsula Sheds to attach the SOL verandah and patio roofs to your house. Based on the Mornington Peninsula, we aim to provide quality steel structures to best suit your lifestyle and existing property. From verandahs and patios, modern double garages or to the classic outback farm shed. Feel free to contact us to discuss the design for your project. We can provide a free quote and let you know the steps involved to get from concept to completion.